Writing a homepage for a website

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Writing a homepage for a website

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. When you keep your copy concise, you remove everything but the copy you want your readers to focus on. Then, it gives visitors two options: It would be almost impossible for a visitor to get distracted on this page.

In one test, Pipedrive wanted to see whether their lengthy homepage was really the most effective way to drive conversions. They created a variant that was significantly shorter than the original and tested them against one another.

So, was this shorter page more effective? Your call to action is the most important element on the page. And the best way to make this happen is to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Take a look at how Southwest accomplishes this on their homepage: The entire page is designed around this action, and the clear directive leaves no room for confusion.

This is a bit unusual and goes against what many marketers consider best practice for high-converting calls to action.

But for Memrise, it works.

writing a homepage for a website

And while they could direct users to simply create an account, then select their desired language during the registration process, this would require visitors to browse a list of languages before signing up.

Memrise integrates this process directly into their call to action, speeding up the process and likely increasing the number of visitors who sign up as soon as they see their desired language on the list.

Your homepage has a limited amount of real estate for content, and your headline should take up a significant portion of that. So as you divide up your page, give your headline plenty of space. For example, check out how Slack balances their copy with a custom graphic: Plus, the text also has ample spacing around it to make it more distinct.

The main headline immediately attracts attention, and the bright blue button is clearly where visitors are supposed to click.

This means that the content you place above the fold on your site is what will make the first impression on each visitor. If your page is simple, this is a relatively easy goal to accomplish.

For sites that offer a more complex product, this is a slightly more challenging task. For example, Palantir is a full-service web agency offering strategy and consultation, brand development, web design, content strategy, training programs, and more.

That would be a lot to explain in the limited amount of space available above the fold on most browsers and devices. So instead of cramming their homepage full of complicated details and directives, the company keeps things user-friendly with a simple headline, explanation, and call to action.


This means it would be unreasonable to expect this homepage to generate immediate conversions. The first impression that each visitor gets is simple and easy to understand.Image credits: Alumnus and fashion designer Zac Posen presented the Arts Education Award to Virginia McEnerney, Executive Director of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, at Americans for the Arts’ annual National Arts Awards.

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10 Rules for Writing Your Web Site Home Page

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. My homepage expertise came through a mix of Intuition and Science, Gut and Research, and more than a decade writing for the web.

There are lots of website writing books but few of them focus on the unique needs of self-employed people like us.

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