Write a story using spelling words worksheets

Whether you have one student or thirty, we are sure they won't mind spelling lessons like these. The worksheets featured on this page are best for students in grades 5 - 9. We also have a large assortment for younger students in preschool through second grade and another collection for kids in grades

Write a story using spelling words worksheets

Be sure to check out our collection of Fun Spelling Worksheets for grades 1 and 2. Fill-In the Family -Practice reading, writing and spelling word families Mini Word Search puzzles - Super-fun way to practice some of the most commonly misspelled words in elementary grades Lots of Leaves!

Students will discern long and short vowel phonics sounds as they complete this appealing page. For more ideas for second grade writing and spelling practice, check out this list of 40 spelling homework ideas.

After the spelling dictation exercise is over

More 2nd Grade Spelling Resources Second grade spelling words - A list of important spelling words for second graders. Other helpful word lists include: Second grade sight words - The all-important Dolch words, broken down in three subsets for your convenience.

Study a few at a time. Dolch words - Complete list of Dolch words for preprimer - 3rd grades.


Dolch nouns - More sight words for your 2nd graders to learn to spell. Our version features short vowel words, but you can adapt this game for other phonics skills as well.

Second grade spelling fun: Puzzlers and brain teaser s - Play these on the board with the whole class or use paper and pencil at home for some critical thinking and spelling fun!Spelling Resources. Spelling is the combination of letters that form the written word.

write a story using spelling words worksheets

Reading and spelling go hand in hand, and very young kids start with the most basic understanding of spelling when they first learn how to put letters together.

Later, as they become more proficient readers, they use spelling to begin the process of writing. Spelling is a fundamental skill that every child needs to learn in order to successfully write the English language. As teachers, it is our goal to instill these skills in our students so they will develop phonemic awareness, and be able to accurately represent our written language.

Letter Sounds Worksheets. View Details. Hamster Cause and Effect Worksheet. View Details. Compassion Character Reading Comprehension Worksheet.

Word Lists: Look Say Cover Write Check

View Details. Sight Words Stories - 9 - Reading Comprehension Worksheet. View Details. Contractions Worksheet - Word Bank. View Details. Telling Time Worksheet - To The Half Hour. Vocabulary Activity Ideas Using urbanagricultureinitiative.com with spelling words on each of the sides.

Break the students into small groups and have them write sentences using the vocabulary words.

Activities to Develop Students' Spelling Skills

This demonstrates their understanding of word meanings. BOX LETTERS. In this exercise, students write sentences of their own that they make up using some of their spelling words.

In this way, students have begun to use words in a more real-world context through dictation and writing, to help them transition to longer writing assignments. Spelling Worksheets and Printables. Our spelling worksheets offer a wide variety of spelling activities, from drills for young kids just learning how to spell to exercises for older kids working on more complex word structures.

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