Why did people go on a

It may be the hardest thing of all to understand.

Why did people go on a

Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration As NASA resumes flights of the space shuttle to finish building the International Space Station, many are questioning whether the project — the most complex construction feat ever undertaken — is worth the risk and expense. The issue was addressed eloquently in the report of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, which examined the loss of the shuttle and its crew.

Why did people go on a

That report pointed out that for the foreseeable future, space travel is going to be expensive, difficult and dangerous. But, for the United States, it is strategic. It is part of what makes us a great nation.

And the report declared that if we are going to send humans into space, the goals ought to be worthy of the cost, the risk and the difficulty.

A human spaceflight program with no plan to send people anywhere beyond the orbiting space station certainly did not meet that standard.

President Bush responded to the Columbia report. The administration looked at where we had been in space and concluded that we needed to do more, to go further. The result was the Vision for Space Exploration, announced nearly three years ago, which commits the United States to using the shuttle to complete the space station, then retiring the shuttle and building a new generation of spacecraft to venture out into the solar system.

Congress has ratified that position with an overwhelming bipartisan majority, making the Vision for Space Exploration the law of the land. And the International Space Station is now a stepping stone on the way, rather than being the end of the line. On the space station, we will learn how to live and work in space.

We will learn how to build hardware that can survive and function for the years required to make the round-trip voyage from Earth to Mars.

Why did people go on a

There was a reason their celebration was called "Thanksgiving. The International Space Station, the most complex construction feat ever undertaken, will teach us how to live and work in space.

If we are to become a spacefaring nation, the next generation of explorers is going to have to learn how to survive in other forbidding, faraway places across the vastness of space. The moon is a crucially important stepping stone along that path — an alien world, yet one that is only a three-day journey from Earth.

I think that we should want that. I want it for the American people, for my grandchildren, for my great-grandchildren.

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Throughout history, the great nations have been the ones at the forefront of the frontiers of their time. Britain became great in the 17th century through its exploration and mastery of the seas.

For the next generations, the frontier will be space. Other countries will explore the cosmos, whether the United States does or not. I believe America should look to its future — and consider what that future will look like if we choose not to be a spacefaring nation.Why was Pharaoh so resistant to Moses’ pleas to “let my people go”?

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The people wanted to go west for many reasons; to explore, to get free farmland, and to build homes, farms, towns, and after a wile, cities.

The trail was also the fastest way to Oregon.

Why Medieval People went on Crusades

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The Story of Moses and the Pharaoh