Unit 1 p2 describe the different

Periodic and aperiodic tilings[ edit ] Figure 1. Part of a periodic tiling Penrose tilings are simple examples of aperiodic tilings of the plane.

Unit 1 p2 describe the different

Different genres of computer games Action An action game is a game where there is lots of thing going on some being bad like killing an example is hatred a game where all you do is kill people this is a action game because there is something happening.

A good example of this is the game Fallout this games allows you to customize near everything, what I mean when I say nearly everything is you can customize you weapons, armour, companions and you can make your own towns.

Adventure An adventure game is a game where your character must do something that is really hard to get something or to save someone a adventure game is normally to save a princess from a monster of some kind but sometimes this is not the case.

Strategy games There is a genre of game called strategy game this genre make you think really hard because you would need to think no only you moves but also what your opponent would be doing this is a hard genre of games a great example would be chess on windows file games this game made you think of your and your opponents moves.

Puzzle There is a genre of game called puzzle games in these games all you had to do was figure out the puzzle that was in the level you were in and there was more than one puzzle some were really hard where as others were really simple and then sometimes there are puzzles inside or other puzzles.

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An example of a puzzle game would be Portal this is a hard puzzle game where you have a portal gun and you have to complete each level is was so popular they brought out a second game.

Platform There is a genre of game called platform games this game is very simple you have different layers and you have to make it to the end of the layer that is how you complete the game.

An example of a platform game is donkey Kong this game was very simple you had to jump over barrels that where coming towards you and you had to make it to the top of the level and then donkey Kong and what I assume is a princess would go up to the next level.

Unit 1 p2 describe the different

Sports there is a genre of games that are based in sports and some are mini games and some are really complicated games where you just play that said sport over and over gain.

An example of this is splinter cell this game allows you to sneak around and you have to kill people but if you are noticed you will die and have to start again.

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An example of this is mortal combat in this game you have to beat you opponent up and you have to win using combos and this game has lots of character but it is very violent.

First person shooter The is a genre called first person shooters aka FPS this type of game is really main stream at the moment and when I say main stream I mean they are really popular lots of games at the moment are FPS games all you do is you have a gun and you shoot the enemies of the game.

An example of a MMO game is world of war craft this game has thousand of people on every day this is one of the most popular MMO games.Q: What is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the urbanagricultureinitiative.com is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Unit Title Accounting concepts Unit Code H// Year 2 0 1 Centre Name Centre Number Candidate Name Candidate Number Grading Criteria - P2: Describe the accounting record requirements of at least 3 different stakeholders for a specific organisation Describe payment methods for business transactions.

1 Introduction.

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The Unicode Standard prescribes a memory representation order known as logical order. When text is presented in horizontal lines, most scripts display characters from left to right. However, there are several scripts (such as Arabic or Hebrew) where the natural ordering of horizontal text in display is from right to left.

Have you ever wondered what the Metaphor practice of Agile Development is? This is the episode where I'll tell you. We'll also talk about my deep dark past, my first job, my first car, my first donuts in that car, and -- well -- lots, lots more.

UNIT 1 P2- PASSED PRINT UNIT 21 P4 AND PRINT UNIT 1 M3 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contracting businesses In this assignment I will be investigating two different businesses, one private sector and one public sector business.

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