Swot analysis yankee candle

Nonetheless, some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world got their start as a small mom-and-pop business.

Swot analysis yankee candle

Yankee Candle Company has branded their product as long-lasting and strong in fragrance. Yankee has developed over 1 50 fragrances for their various candle products. Their product line includes Jars, votive, tarts, wax potpourri, pillars, tapers, and tea lights candles.

Yankees design Is Innovative and their scents are pleasant, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Yankee will explore and introduce aromas that are common to the Greek culture as they expand into this new market.

Swot analysis yankee candle

The Yankee Candle Company continues to build on the passion and creativity of Mike Skittered; driven by a mission to warm hearth and home with the fragrances of life through excellence, innovation, and passion.

Yankee has been dedicated to excellence throughout their 37 year history. Yankee Candle Company is driven by an intense passion to spread the fragrances of life around the world for all to enjoy. Yankee Candle Company will expand its fragrances to blend in with the cultures of new markets.

Yankee will continue to develop partnerships with established Company owned retail stores as venues for their products to be sold. The candle company has already established Yankee Candle Europe with a 30, square foot distribution center in Bristol, England that provides Yankee products for approximately 2, stores.

This distribution center will be used to export Yankee products to be sold by retail stores in Greece. The Yankee Company has decided to expand their markets and head out to the Country of Greece. We will be exporting our candle line product from the United States to Greece.

The product expansion into the Greek marketplace is another step awards reaching their objectives.

Swot analysis yankee candle

As Yankee Candle expands into new regions of the world, distribution centers will be built to service their wholesale store network. Where trade barriers, economical and political policies will allow.

When expanding into new countries, Yankee Candle will establish an online shopping website to market and sell their products. Since the inception of the Reopen Union in six countries were a part of this union. Nineteen further states have Joined in and created a successful union.

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The Unites States of America official currency is the dollar, symbol: Each year the amount of U. S dollars is being circulated around the world continues to increase.Yankee Candle Company History A simple gift from a young man to his mother is responsible for the birth of a successful company.

That young man was Mike Kittredge he melted crayons to create a candle for his mother for Christmas. Oct 01,  · The prominent players in the global Wax Melts market are Yankee Candle, Scentsy, SC Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Rimports Limited, Bramble Bay Candle Co..

The report highlights the limitations and strong points of the well-known players through SWOT analysis. It also assesses their growth in the market. Additionally, the global. Key vendors operating in Wax Melts market space are Yankee Candle, Scentsy, SC Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Application, regions and SWOT Analysis Uncategorized.

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