Survey questionnaire s on recruitment and selection on glaxosmithkline bd ltd

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Survey questionnaire s on recruitment and selection on glaxosmithkline bd ltd

With the increase in size and complexity of business organization, human has become the most important factor in business. Human being plays a dual role-as resources as well as motive force for all other resources by manipulating them, by way of developing, utilizing, commanding and controlling.

HR department in Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Generating maximum individual development Recognizing and satisfying individual needs. Maintaining high morale Recruitment Process Recruitment: Recruitment is the process by which organizations locate and attract individuals to fill job vacancies.

Most organizations have a continuing need to recruit new employees to replace those who leave or are promoted, and to permit organizational growth. It can be quite expensive in terms of time effort and money. The success of the recruitment process mostly depends on effective HR planning.

Without accurate planning, an organization may recruit the wrong number of or type of employees. A good recruitment program may serve many conflicting goals. A mentioned goal is to attract a large pool of applicants but applicant pools can be too large and thus very costly to process.

Recruiting must also attract a high proportion of well-qualified candidates who are seriously interested in accepting a job offer. Post-hiring goals must also be considered the recruiting process those workers who are good performers and who will stay with the organization for a reasonable length of time.

Further, all the above goals should be reached with the greatest speed and at the least possible cost to the organization. As a part of the process of prioritizing goals, the organization may develop its recruitment philosophy.

One of the key issues in recruitment philosophy is whether to promote largely form within the organization or to hire from the outside vacancies at all levels. A second aspect of recruitment philosophy concerns where the emphasis is: A short-term view may emphasize filling vacancies quickly.

While a longer term view may tolerate delay in the interests of finding just the right people to bring in for the long haul.

A third aspect of recruitment philosophy concerns depth of commitment to seeking and hiring a diverse range of employees. A fourth aspect of recruitment philosophy is whether applicants are viewed as commodities to be purchased or as customers to be wooed.The questionnaire was adapted from the Price Waterhouse Cranfield project on HRM in urbanagricultureinitiative.comgs – There is some evidential support for the influence of the Egyptian national context upon the practices used, with different practices, including the number of techniques being used for the recruitment and selection of different job types.


Would you like to give suggestions to improve the Company¶s Recruitment & Selection process/procedure? Yes No If urbanagricultureinitiative.comONNAIRE ON RECRUITMENT & SELECTION PROCESS What should be the best Recruitment sources for the company according to your perception/preference?

Report on GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh.

Survey questionnaire s on recruitment and selection on glaxosmithkline bd ltd

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Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd - Assignment Point

The selection and recruitment of GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited emphasizes on having the skilled graduates and postgraduates who have backgrounds or job experience for that particular job.

1High level of in house knowledge and resource: As GlaxoSmithKline is the 2nd best. Search Results: questionnaire on recruitment and selection for survey Questionnaire on Talent Acquisition Company’s Talent Acquisition Survey Questions with Answer / HR Interview Questionnaire for MBA Project for Employers / Managers format.

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Survey Questionnaire S On Recruitment And Selection On Glaxosmithkline Bd Ltd Recruitment and Selection In the competitive business environment nowadays, companies need to present themselves as serious players with edges in various aspects, one most important of which is quality of their workforce.

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