Serrano vs priest essay

Priest John Serrano was a parent of one of several Los Angeles public school students; Ivy Baker Priest was the California State Treasurer at the time set forth three causes of action quotes from the decision. Sullivanthe Court agreed with the plaintiffs, largely on equal-protection grounds, and returned the case to the trial court for further proceedings.

Serrano vs priest essay

Participation in high school sports was the least of my concerns when I started homeschooling ten years ago. Some form of physical activity for my children was an important part of their curriculum and they started swim team, tennis lessons, soccer, softball and baseball.

All of these sports were available through the community and the availability of school sports was irrelevant. However, when Kristina reached high school age she was interested in the high school tennis team experience and we explored her alternatives.

The Redding school district required enrollment in the school or the district independent study program, which was set up for high school dropouts and mandated several hours of busy-work weekly. So we were faced with choices: The prison of school vs.

ISP busy work vs. Kristina really wanted to play high school tennis and was willing to make the sacrifice. Even as the school added more and more onerous enrollment requirements she was willing to comply.

She changed her mind when the high school tennis coach stated she could no longer train with her private coach in Sacramento during the season.

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The reality of the inflexibility of the program and the hostility to homeschoolers finally sunk in, and she decided that the negligible benefits of school sports were outweighed by the infringement on her freedoms.

Two years later, after we moved to Davis, Kristina reached the opposite conclusion. After encouragement from a local tennis coach and other homeschoolers who had participated in high school sports, we contacted the high school tennis coach and school counselor, Paul Oaks. DSIS understood homeschooling and unschooling, gave Kristina the flexibility to follow her own educational course within minimal guidelines, allowed her to continue to be in control of her education by taking DSIS, homeschool and community college courses, introduced her to a wonderful mentor, gave her the social experience of a team, and gave her the opportunity to play her last two years before college on a top-level high school tennis team.

She ultimately graduated from our home-based private school and now attends the University of California, San Diego, where she plays college tennis.

Derek is in his third year of swimming and Monika started her first year of water polo and swimming for Davis High School while attending DSIS during the sports season.

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They both take the minimum courses required, continue with their homeschool and community college classes, and will graduate from our home-based private school. California Interscholastic Federation Although we got radically different treatment from the Redding and Davis school districts, they were following the same rules.

In order to compete in high school sports at a public or private high school, the student must fit into the eligibility requirements of the California Interscholastic Federation CIF.

High school sports programs are governed by CIF, a private nonprofit, voluntary association of public and private high schools organized under the direction of local school boards of education with the sanction of the California Education Code.

Although each public school district governing board has general control over interscholastic athletic programs, California Education Code section provides that the governing boards may "enter into a voluntary association with other schools for the purpose of enacting and enforcing rules relating to eligibility for, and participation in, interscholastic athletic programs among and between schools.

California Education Code section describes the CIF as "a voluntary organization consisting of school and school related personnel with responsibility for administering interscholastic athletic activities in secondary schools.

CIF rules, called bylaws, can be found online at www. Sectionwhich was added in February,states that: Such programs would include, but not be limited to, home schooling or home study wherein parents, or other persons, are responsible for instruction and evaluation.

Home study, home schooling students may become eligible to participate in CIF competition provided they meet all requirements of bylaw Bylaw provides that an independent study student can be eligible for sports teams as long as: The courses taken by the student meet the standards adopted by the local school board and Education Code Sectionset.

The administrative responsibility for the student involved in athletics shall rest with the principal of the school for which the student is competing, AND; D.

The student meets all other eligibility requirements of the CIF and its member sections. Not only are California homeschoolers required to follow these provisions, but also homeschooling is now defined in a quasi-legislative forum: Apparently not, according to a appellate court decision.

California Interscholastic Federation Cal. Basically, when examining the constitutionality of a law infringing on a fundamental constitutional right, the higher standard of "strict scrutiny" is used. If the right infringed upon is not fundamental, the court uses the "rational basis" test to evaluate its constitutionality.

He argued that the fundamental right to a public school education included the right to participate in interscholastic athletics and the imposition of Rule deprived him of his fundamental right to participate in extracurricular activities offered by a public school.

Serrano v. Priest

He further contended that this deprivation of a fundamental right required the court to apply a "strict scrutiny" test, rather than a "rational basis" test in considering the constitutionality of Rule The Second District Court of Appeals did not agree with this argument.

The court noted that, "inasmuch as CIF is an organization with responsibility for administering interscholastic athletics in all California secondary schools see Ed.Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

Serrano vs priest essay

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[Vol INTERDISTRICT INEQUALITIES IN SCHOOL FINANCING: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF SERRANO v. PRIEST AND ITS PROGENY STEPHEN R. GOLDSTEm t Rarely has a state supreme court decision received such extensive. Serrano v. Priest in addressed the nation’s overall decline in school enrollments, lower academic achievement, and the poor academic achievement in poor districts, by pushing a .

CALIFORNIA SERLANO v. PRIEST'S INPUTS AND OUTPUTS KENNETH L. KARST* The opinion of the California Supreme Court in Serrano v.

Priest1 had at least three institutional addressees: the trial court, the United States Su-.

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