Santa claus is real

After all, who has she been married to all this time? Ok, I did eat a few. Grumpy elves get hungry too! Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?

Santa claus is real

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I mean, what gives, you guys? Do you seriously refuse to believe that there is even a remote possibility that a robust, ageless, elfin-man with super magical powers and the ability to travel at the speed of light to deliver happiness to the children of the world exists?

What exactly is so hard to fathom about deer that fly anyway? You think elves are something someone just happened to make up? To each his own. Why do we reach an age like 10 or 12 and all of the sudden question maybe the greatest tale we have ever been told?

Is it some sort of twisted rite of passage? So listen up, people of Earth! Read the truth here today and then decided for yourselves! Santa Claus is real: Department Store Magic 1 of 16 Most of us agree that department stores and the like all hire 'Elves' to Santa claus is real the role of Santa in the month leading up to Christmas.

Why do we think this? Because Bobby, now a respected brat salesman in Sheboygan, WI swears it. However, inat a yard sale in suburban Reykjavik, Iceland, a woman bought a shoebox full of pictures that contained this stunning find. In it, what appears to be a very young Santa Claus darts through a room with swiftness.

Experts all agree that the distinct scoobyish hat he is wearing is found only in distinct pockets of the North Pole, giving further proof that the boy in the picture really is a very young Santa Claus!

A Picture In The Mail 3 of 16 In the late fall ofPierre Ribolet, a 6 year-old Paris boy, wrote a letter to Father Christmas doubting his existence and politely requesting some sort of 'vraie preuve' or real proof that there was indeed a man behind the legend.

Less than a week before Christmas, while feeling dejected and blue from his unanswered letter, young Pierre received a candy-striped envelope in the mail that was postmarked in the North Pole. Inside, there was just one thing: The Pierre Ribolet photo is hard to argue with, no?

Upon turning on the living room lights, these folks were stunned to find themselves face-to-face with a very shocked overgrown elfin man with a toy train in his hand and cookie crumbs in his long flowing white beard. In the heat of the moment, young Rachel, 8 years old, used her father's prized Polaroid to take one single photo from her vantage in the parlor doorway.

It is, one must admit, a truly candid and miraculous shot. Marley had an argument with his wife Marigold about how much wine he had had to drink and ended up being forced to sleep on the sofa in the front room.


As the story goes, sometime in the night, Marley was awakened by the sound of someone out by the tree. Thinking it one of his five children, he sat up to reproach them but instead witnessed something astounding.

Luckily, his camera was on a shelf behind him. A blurry yet intriguing capture of what seems to most certainly be one Mr. Santa Claus hard at work. However, what has rarely been seen are the stills that were shot by an amateur photog simply known as Grizz that same day, While the film shows a strutting Yeti, one of Grizz's still-life pictures seems to reveal another figure in the photo, keeping a quick pace with the legendary monster.

Could Santa Claus have been visiting with a Sasquatch on that very afternoon?Video of Santa Claus surfing in ASCII. Here is a small collection of the different types of Santa images we collected. All of these images were collected from YouTube.

Is Santa Real?

As you can see, there are images of different kinds of animated, and live Santa. 4 days ago · I have met this real Santa Claus and he is as white as George Washington's apron. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

It is by the Blockchain that thoughts acquire speed, the couch in the downstairs swimming pool lounge acquires stains, the stains become a warning.

Santa claus is real

Santa Claus is real: always was, always will be. Department Store Magic 1 of 16 Most of us agree that department stores and the like all hire 'Elves' to play the role of Santa in the month leading. > “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” Eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York’s Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept.

Is Santa Real or Fake? Proof Santa Exists And Is True!

21, Real estate in Santa Claus is on the rise, with listing prices increasing percent year-over-year. The average listing price was $, in . Dec 20,  · Santa is everywhere you look during the holiday season, and that can be confusing for children.

Seeing so many Santas inevitably brings up the question, "Is Santa real?Home Country: San Francisco.