Rhetorical analysis of constance ruzichs article

I found this article searching cell phone social.

Rhetorical analysis of constance ruzichs article

Ruzich analyzes the success and rise to popularity of The Starbucks Coffee Company around the globe. The article is written and structured for the general public to read and understand. She also uses different ways to measure the popularity of Starbucks, not just the financial aspect, but also in terms of its economic status in a global coffee market, just to give us different points of view in relation to her thesis.

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Her choice in the title is also very appropriate for the topic, which will be discussed later on in this paper. Ruzich begins her article by giving the readers a brief background on coffee. Through this, those who are unfamiliar with the origins of coffee will also be captured, as they will get a sense of understanding about where her arguments will lead to later on in the article.

It also gives the readers a chance to compare on how coffee was perceived by global consumers, before and after Starbucks was established.

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Upon capturing the audience, she starts to state a lot of facts and she extensively uses quotations from other studies throughout the entire article. The facts become the structure of the article; they lead the readers to have a certain understanding of previous views and studies of the situation.

The quotations on the other hand gives the author credibility, the use of the quotations makes it seem to be more accurate since she is not the only one who understands Starbucks in that manner and the readers are assured the information is unaltered.

It also shows how knowledgeable she is of the topic that she can use these quotes to present and defend her thesis.

The vast use of technical data would also make it seem that it was not written for the general public but she interprets them and puts it in terms more common to the public and through this, anyone could comprehend with what her idea is.

Rhetorical analysis of constance ruzichs article

Another thing that is evident in the article is how Ruzich compares Starbucks with a lot of its competitors, even those that are not directly competing with Starbucks; they are in the coffee business but they only sell instant coffee as opposed to specialty coffee.

For example, she supports her argument by providing statistics of coffee in the global market and how Starbucks places given its premium status. This was a fact during the infancy stage of Starbucks.

It can either be interpreted as coffee or the average person. Therefore, this brilliant way of presentation has made it easy to remember the main topic since it can all be associated with just one word. With all these literary devices and techniques used, it is not hard to stay on the same track as Ruzich.

The readers will more or less be able to reach the same conclusion and have the ame idea as she has. Works Cited Ruzich, Constance M.How to Write a Conclusion for a Rhetorical Analysis The art of effective writing lies in the rhetoric. A persuasive essay uses figures of speech and pairs it impeccably with compositional techniques.

Another analysis Allen makes in this article is he make a comparison of a computer verses a cell phone, stating the relationship like a Swiss army knife verses a hammer.

Rhetorical analysis of constance ruzichs article

An Investigation of the Persuasive Effects of Rhetorical Questions, Message Framing, and the Elm in Promoting Responsible Cell Phone Usage I like Ruzichs essay because. Rhetorical context stresses the power of discourse that rests in the relationship among three elements: We have learned from the beginning of the semester that rhetorical situations arise, experiences that pull at our attention and demand that we engage in discourse with others.

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How to Write the LLD/ENGL A Rhetorical Analysis Essay, Spring 2 of 4 Analyze the Rhetorical Appeals Analyzing rhetorical appeals can seem daunting.

Feb 02,  · What is a Rhetorical Analysis? I have to write a rhetorical analysis paper about an article I read, but I don't know exactly what a rhetorical analysis is?

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