Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

However, cost-efficient redundancy is difficult to achieve for combinational logic, which is therefore one of the primary contributors to the system level errors. However, the existing techniques are all based on deterministic and defect-free Boolean abstraction.

Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

Please contact mpub-help umich. For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy. An automatic speech recognition algorithm involving wavelets is used to split up the input signal into syllable-like audio segments.

For each segment, a table of similarity between it and all the other segments is constructed. The segments are then output in a continuous stream, with the next segment being chosen from among those other segments which best follow from it. In this way, we can construct an infinite number of variations on the original signal with a minimum amount of interaction.

Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

Although the source is infinite, there are many instances where one sample has to be used repeatedly. Composers use samples as motifs that reappear again and again over the course of a piece.

Acoustic Installations often stretch pre-obtained source material over the entire life of the exhibit. Simple repetition is not effective for long, so we often create variations of a sample by manipulating one or more of its properties.

There is a long tradition in the electroacoustic music community of splitting audio samples into portions and manipulating them to create new sounds. Curtis Roads Roads and Barry Truax Truax pioneered granular synthesis, in which small grains are combined to form complicated sounds.

Grains can be constructed from scratch, or obtained by splitting an audio sample into small segments. More recently, Bar-Joseph Bar-Joseph, Dubnov, El-Yaniv, Lischinski, and Werman proposed a variant of granular synthesis using wavelets where the separation and re-combination of grains is done in the time-frequency representation of an audio sample.

Similar work is also being done on images to produce variations of tiles or textures. Wei and Levoy Schodl, Szeliski, Salesin, and Essa When what is desired is simply a variation that still bears a strong resemblance to the original, the audio techniques above have critical problems.

Granular synthesis is a technique to create new sounds, not recognizable variations of the original except in a very abstract sense. A long audio sample is not even required; it suffices to specify the shape of the grain and its envelope. When an audio sample is used, the concept of a grain is an arbitrary slice chosen independently of the sound's inherent structure.

To better preserve the original structure of the sound, BarJoseph uses a comparison step where wavelet coefficients representing parts of the sample are swapped only when they are similar.

The authors employ "statistical learning", which produces a different sound statistically similar to the original. In this algorithm, only the local neighbours in the multiresolution tree are taken into account when calculating similarity, and the swapping is very fine-grained.

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This means that large-scale changes over time will not be taken into account. On almost any signal, this results in a "chattering" effect.Register-Transfer Level Synthesis It is evident that ft and h have a smaller complexity than Cl, thus their delays can be assumed to be smaller than the delay ofCl.

Retiming and Resynthesis Retiming is a transformation of sequential circuits at the RT-Ievel, whereby. Resynthesis and retiming for optimum partial scan testing Abstract.

A partial scan methodology selects scan flip flops (FFs) in the minimum feedback vertex set (MFVS) of the FF dependency graph so that all loops, except self-loops, are broken. Complexity is a serious biological problem, and it is likely that biological systems are the most complex known.

Increasingly, scientists are going to have to depend on computational biologists to construct models that can then be tested back in laboratory conditions. The Perform WYSIWYG primitive resynthesis option can change node names in file file from your third-party synthesis tool, because the primitives in the atom netlist are broken apart and then re-mapped by the Intel ® Quartus ® Prime software.

Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

The . Primary investigator (PI) Attended students Funding sources Related Project Research statement Research outcomes Publications. PREFACE The dramatic increase in design complexity of modern circuits challenges our ability to verify their functional correctness.

Therefore, circuits are often taped-out with functional.

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