Origin of doublets and triplets in legal writing and research

Jump to navigation Jump to search The expression " surf and turf " is a Siamese twin. The order of the two keywords of this familiar expression cannot be reversed idiomatically. Siamese twins also irreversible binomials, [1] binomials, [1] binomial pairs, nonreversible word pairs, [2] or freezes in the context of the English language refer to a pair or group of words used together as an idiomatic expression or collocationusually conjoined by the words and or or. The order of elements cannot be reversed.

Origin of doublets and triplets in legal writing and research

Have something to sayand think it through. For maximal efficiency, plan your writing projects. Order your material in a logical sequence. Use chronology when presenting facts. Keep related material together.

Divide the document into sections, and divide sections into smaller parts as needed. Use informative headings for the sections and subsections. Keep your average sentence length about 20 words.

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Keep the subject, the verb, and the object togethertoward the beginning of the sentence. Prefer the active voice over the passive. Use parallel phrasing for parallel ideas. Learn to detest simplifiable jargon. Use strong, precise verbs. Minimize is, are, was,and were.

Turn -ion words into verbs when you can. Watch out for of. Avoid doublets and triplets. Refer to people and companies by name. Don't habitually use parenthetical shorthand names. Use them only when you really need them.

Make everything you write speakable. Principles Mainly for Analytical and Persuasive Writing Plan all three parts: Use the "deep issue" to spill the beans on the first page. Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence. Vary the length of your paragraphs, but generally keep them short.

Provide signposts along the way. Unclutter the text by moving citations into footnotes. Weave quotations deftly into your narrative. Be forthright in dealing with counterarguments.

Principles Mainly for Legal Drafting Draft for an ordinary reader, not for a mythical judge who might someday review the document. Organize provisions in order of descending importance. If you have more than just a few, put them in a schedule at the endnot at the beginning.

Break down enumerations into parallel provisions. Put every list of subparts at the end of the sentencenever at the beginning or in the middle. Prefer the singular over the plural.

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Prefer numerals, not words, to denote amounts. If you don't understand a form provisionor don't understand why it should be included in your documenttry diligently to gain that understanding. If you still can't understand it, cut it.pronouns and collocations of synonyms (doublets and triplets), etc.

These means allow to achieve the most possible accuracy and objectivity in legal texts but make them complicated and difficult. Effective writing for lawyers 3 Wydick RC, Plain English for Lawyers (3rd ed, Carolina Academic Press, ) Australian Guide to Legal .

Genre conventions for contracts and contract writing. Genre conventions for contracts and contract writing. The plain language movement advocates that doublets and triplets be removed from. writing is full of such doublets and triplets as will and testament, cease and desist,and remise, release, and forever dischargethat waste time and space.

• Abstraction and indirectness: Legal lan-guage shares these weaknesses with schol- against bad legal writing, including the hard-. A legal doublet is a standardised phrase consisting of two or more words used frequently in Legal English. Such phrases couple terms which are simil Many modern legal scholars and writers advise that these doublets should be eliminated altogether, as they are unnecessarily superfluous and/or redundant.

Triplets. cancel, annul and set. A legal doublet is a standardized phrase used frequently in English legal language consisting of two or more words that are near synonyms.

origin of doublets and triplets in legal writing and research

The origin of the doubling—and sometimes even tripling—often lies in the transition from use of one language for legal List of common legal doublets. aid and abet; all and sundry; acknowledge and.

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