How to write a logbook for dance

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How to write a logbook for dance

Tips on a Good Drama Log Book Scott Damon Updated February 21, Some drama education courses require students to keep a drama log of their experience while writing or participating in the mounting of a play.

The author of the drama log should detail the process of rewrites, information about rehearsals and putting up the play, as well as any triumphs and pitfalls along the way.

Dates It is important that a good drama log date each entry. This will allow you to know when things occurred and how long the process took. Make it a point to write in your drama log book each night that you prepare, rehearse or perform the play. Then you will be able to witness and review your progress.

Photographs Bring a camera with you during all aspects of mounting the play. Photograph the casting, rehearsals, building of the sets, costume fittings and performances of the play. Add these photos to the log book to provide a visual representation of your entry.

You might also name the people in the photo in a caption. Character A good drama log will record the internal experience of writing or creating a character.

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You might discuss different techniques or exercises you used to create the character. For instance, if you are acting, did you use "sense memory" to build the character? Sense memory is where you put yourself in the world of your characters using your five senses. Or, if you were choosing costumes or designing period make-up, how did you go about this?

Note how these things affected and influenced the performance. Successes and Pitfalls As you go about writing or acting in a play, there are sure to be both ups and downs along the way.

how to write a logbook for dance

Perhaps you learn your lines off-book much sooner than anticipated. Or your co-actor in the play comes down with the flu for the tech rehearsal, so the first time you perform the show in full costume under the lights is in front of the audience.

Detail how you deal with events like these. Nothing is too small to note.

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The syllabus, assessment and reporting information, past HSC exam papers, and other support materials for the Dance course. Rely on your journal for a sense of perspective on the internship; the more complete a journal you kept, the easier this paper should be to write.

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