Formula for writing a crime novel

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Formula for writing a crime novel

But the stories were great, and the book also included a short essay on his time as a writer for the pulps -- which served as a sort of dry run for his memoirs, The Pulp Junglewhich would be published the next year.

It also included his eleven point formula for mystery short stories that he assured readers could not miss: What elements were required?

After a period of time I evolved a formula for mystery short stories. It consisted of eleven elements. With those eleven elements in a mystery plot, I could not miss. I used to work out each element at a time, concentrating on one until I had it licked, the going on to the next.

Formula For Writing A Crime Novel

Most writers of mysteries inject the eleven elements into their stories anyway, but by putting them down one at a time I became conscious of them. Once I had worked out these eleven elements, the job of coming up with plots for mystery stories was greatly simplified.

I did not create this point formula at one time. I evolved it over a period of about two years beginning back in I had perfected it by about the middle of To this day I claim that this plot formula is foolproof.

You can write a perfectly salable mystery story with perhaps only seven or eight of these elements, but get them all into a story and you cannot miss. Here are the eleven elements: A hero must be colorful.

He must have an occupation that is colorful or he must be a colorful person. In general, I have followed the theory that a regular policeman or detective is not colorful. Just think a moment about the greatest detective in all detective fiction - Sherlock Holmes - and you will quickly grasp what I mean by colorful.

Writer's Digest Magazine Either way, crime novels are popular. So where do we start?

This, to me, is the most important element of any mystery story plot. I give a reasonably inside account of how gamecocks are raised, how they are fought, etc. This is knowledge not possessed by the average reader and believe me, I did not know it until I read up on the subject, for the purpose of this story.

A liberal education in making locks and keys was thrown into the murder plot. I knew absolutely nothing about locks and keys until I did research on the subject.

I know no more than is in the book. In The Nine Tailors, the reader earns all about church bells, the art of bell-ringing, etc.The detective interviews suspects, gathers evidence and thinks about the crime.

Perhaps more murders are committed. If there is a B-story it will come into play around points (4) or (5), if not sooner.

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The first thing we authors want to know is how to start writing a crime novel and get some success? Crime novel structure doesn’t have a template of it’s own. That’s to say, an author doesn’t write in a particular way, just because of the genre. The same rules of conflict, plot, and suspense still hold true.

As in any genre, the writer MUST hold the reader, and John Grisham does that so well. The Fabled Formula For Writing A Romance Novel.

by Irene Vartanoff Okay, you want to write a romance novel. There are good reasons to write one. Romances are the largest category of fiction sold. How To Write A Crime Novel Worth Reading. February 17, by Bronwyn Hemus 12 Comments. Image: Matthew Loffhagen.


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When writing crime fiction, you should almost always start with the crime. it’s down to you to make that formula as fresh as possible. Crime fiction rewards skilled writers extensively. Whether you’re writing a.

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formula for writing a crime novel

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How to Write a Novel Step by Step. The Roadmap is a complete step-by-step process for writing a novel. It works by starting with a basic story idea and expanding and layering it until you have a .

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