Challenge of the millennium development goals

The paper argued that GDP might not be sufficient for measuring development because the funds obtained may not necessarily be used to improve the quality of life of worse off communities. Even with a constituent level of GDP, the problem of poverty and underdevelopment is becoming more intractable in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using examples from countries like Nigeria, it is evident that many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are unlikely to achieve their MDG targets due to persistence of poverty and other challenges such as corruption and mal-administration of funds.

Challenge of the millennium development goals

This situation exists despite the existence of cost-effective interventions for addressing the targeted health problems. It is increasingly assumed that the missing link has been ineffective use of the interventions and the weakness of health systems that are unable to scale up implementation of the interventions.

Consequently, a health systems review was conducted in five countries of sub- Saharan Africa, namely Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia. The countries were purposefully selected on the basis of the availability of country reports. A literature review was carried out, focusing primarily on country health sector reports and United Nations data on MDG indicators complemented by on-line literature.

Whereas Malawi, Namibia and Zambia are likely to achieve the measles immunization targets, only Malawi and Zambia are likely to meet the under-five mortality targets. However, in considering the maternal mortality rate MMRwhere approximately 5.

The South Africa I know, the home I understand 2 | P a g e Millennium Development Goals, Country Report / Statistics South Africa Published by Statistics South Africa, Private Bag X44, Pretoria 1. The Rio+20 outcome document, The future we want, inter alia, set out a mandate to establish an Open Working Group to develop a set of sustainable development goals for consideration and appropriate action by the General Assembly at its 68 th session. It also provided the basis for their conceptualization. The Rio outcome gave the mandate . In September , at the United Nations Millennium Summit, the member countries in the United Nations agreed to a set of eight Millennium Development Goals for the world’s poor nations.

Health information systems are fragmented and not fully utilized and health service coverage is not adequate. Overall, there is inadequate progress towards achieving the selected MDG impact indicators in the five reviewed countries, against a background of non-conducive health sector policy environment and inadequate resources and service coverage.

Achieving the MDGs will require timely national refocusing of health sector policies and commitment to health systems strengthening. The countries were selected purposefully based on the availability of national health sector reports.

The review primarily focused on country health sector reports that are in the public domain and data from the United Nations on MDG indicators.

Malawi and Uganda show a declining trend in under five mortality while the other three countries seem to have a generally stable trend. The vacancy rates were worsened by recruitment freezes in Kenya and Uganda in and respectively. The immunization trends show stagnation or little increase in coverage.

However, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia are reported potentially likely and Uganda unlikely to achieve the measles immunization target by Namibia reported good progress towards attaining the MDG goal of providing skilled attendance at births while the rest of the reviewed countries reported inadequate progress.

Challenge of the millennium development goals

The reduction of MMR which requires a 5. This inadequate progress is against a background of weak health systems unable to effectively deliver health services required to reach the MDGs.

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MDGs are meant to influence re-alignment of national priorities towards human development; effective national leadership in this regard will ensure that strategic policies and plans are formulated or existing ones aligned to the MDGs and followed by effective oversight and coalition building.

This raises questions on the fungibility of public funds in the face of favourable donor support — increases in external support do not seem to lead to increases in the allocations to health, but are absorbed elsewhere.


Inadequate health financing has adverse implications for the other health systems such as health worker remuneration, the availability of medicines and supplies and health service coverage scale up.

A well performing health workforce is the one that has sufficient numbers and mix, is fairly distributed, competent and productive. This is against a background of high vacancy rates and national maldistribution in favour of the private sector and urban areas.

Even though there is no universal norm for minimum HRH density because it is context specific, it has been estimated that a density of less than 2. A well functioning health system ensures adequate and equitable access to essential medical products, vaccines and technologies.Meeting the Challenge of the Millennium Development Goals in Haiti.

A Progress Report from the Poorest Country in the Americas. Monday, November 2, pm - pm B1 Conference CenterCenter for Strategic and International Studies K Street, NWWashington DC, Feb 12,  · The declaration established eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG), set targets for , and identified a number of indicators for monitoring .

„The Millennium Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report ‟ is the sixth Bangladesh MDGs Progress Report prepared by the General Economics Division (GED), Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh.

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Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls. The Agreed Conclusions are available here: Arabic | Chinese UN Commission on the Status of Women delivers a blueprint to ensure the rights and development of rural women and girls;.

The year is a landmark year for global development - the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are reaching their December deadline, and the world is set to adopt a new set of transformative and universal sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) are viewed as extension of millennium development goals (MDGs) and a post agenda to fight against poverty and hunger, while protecting human rights of people and ensuring inclusive and sustainable development and healthy lives.

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