Biology complexity essay in integrative psychology woman

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Biology complexity essay in integrative psychology woman

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity. This is a statement of self-analysis that I desire to make with full responsibility as for my inspiration to write the book, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity.

This book is the product of the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings that seized me after reading a headline of the Sunday newspaper. I have made attempts to intellectually address psychology and religion. Here, I am not referring to the dogmatic concept of religion; it has to be understood and experienced as the process of spirituality.

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Psychology is a science, every scientist pursues truth, but this secular pursuit is limited to mind-level understanding. The final truth as expounded in Christianity can never be fully understood by the scientists, howsoever hard they may try to knock at the portals of the mind.

This truth can be experienced only by transcending the mind, to enter the land of bliss. Therefore, spirituality can be termed as the science of sciences. However, psychology and Christianity need not have to be at odds with one another. The apple falling from the tree led to the discovery of the law of gravitation by Newton.

Many saw the apples falling, must have picked them up, washed and ate. Newton scientifically analyzed the whole incident and discovered something stunning in the world of science that had far-reaching consequences in the thinking processes of the mind.

A social Psychologist could spend years investigating the psychological and sociological underlying religious belief and commitment…. Researchers could study the efficacy of prayer for physical or psychological recovery.

An incident means differently to different intellectuals. They see the truth in the light they see it from the level of their mental progression. This is the reason as well, for the conflicts among he different schools of thought and beliefs.

The functioning of the mind is to argue and every argument has a possible counter-argument. When the scientists of different branches of one subject like Psychology come to different conclusions, how the functioning of the cosmos, the ultimate creation of God, can be understood?

Faith, as the integral part of spirituality, supercedes all branches of science. As rightly claimed by the scientists, what they are engaged in, what they were engaged in and what they will be engaged in future, is- research.

They are doing the re-search of what already exists! They are not doing any original search; do not create anything new—they are simply incapable of!

Biology complexity essay in integrative psychology woman

Concrete response- Get vulnerable in words, relate a personal life episode the book triggered in your memory. Relate your story in first person. In the teaching of Jesus this do it yourself parable, case study confession.

The combined efforts of various Branches of psychology can not meet the strength of faith based theology or the results of science of spirituality. Whatever is the level of efforts, complete integration between the two is impossibility as water and oil can never mix together, even when they are stored in the same container.

Psychology is the mind-level science. To understand rather experience the concepts of theology and spirituality, one has to transcend the mind-barrier. As the parable goes, once an individual makes efforts to convince 4 blind persons about the figure and size of the elephant.

One of them touched its tail and said that the elephant is like a long pole. The second one touched its leg and said that the elephant is like the trunk of a tree. The third one touched its ears and said that the elephant is like a big fan.

The fourth one touched its tusk and said that the elephant is like the horn.

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No one among them had the total experience of seeing an elephant and therefore they could not figure out how the elephant was! The Wiseman therefore, took all of them to an ophthalmologist and got their eyesight restored through operations and all of them were able to experience how the actual figure of the elephant was like!

What they knew before was not the total truth but only the part of truth. Similarly the different branches of Psychology will be able to reveal only the contents of the syllabus that they cover. The revelations of Jesus can be understood by experiencing, with devotion with a pure mind and total faith without questions.

The empty discussions and the long sermons can never take one to the realm of spirituality.Get this from a library! The Complexities of women: integrative essays in psychology and biology.

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Integrative approaches to Psychology and Christianity 1 - Integrative approaches to Psychology and Christianity introduction. Abstract: After listing author, publisher and date summarize what you have read as if you were the author in words.

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