Aussie stereotypes essay

Rudy Owens 2 Comments This is part of my original record of birth, showing my arrival in the world in Detroit, Michigan. It was then hidden from me for decades because I was born a bastard, who became an adoptee and thus denied equal treatment under the law by Michigan, its courts, and my adoption agency. As the year comes to a close, millions of American adoptees are no closer to receiving equal treatment under U. Inthe United Kingdom long moved on from this issue, giving all adoptees full access to their records once they turned

Aussie stereotypes essay

The topic I have been asked to speak about today is strategies to address discrimination and build a more inclusive country with tolerance and respect for all Australians. The concept of human rights is based on a common recognition of the importance of fair treatment for all and the belief that people should be able to live free of violence, discrimination and abuse.

HREOC is charged with promoting public understanding and acceptance of human rights. We also have statutory obligations to investigate and attempt to conciliate complaints of unlawful discrimination under the federal anti-discrimination laws. The White Australia policy reflects the deep vein of racism that pervaded public administration for a large part of the last century.

Recognising past injustices is vital to understand the reasons why discrimination persists today, and can help in preventing it in the future. Today the entrenched deprivation and discrimination still facing Indigenous Australians is a matter of national shame.

The existence of significant disparities between the health status of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is acknowledged by all governments and recognised as unacceptable. The fear of difference and its unknown potential has always had a corrosive effect on community relations in Australia.

Throughout the 19th and 20th century, successive waves of migrants have been viewed in turn with suspicion and hostility. Indeed, in some pockets of public opinion there is a virulent strain of anti-Muslim prejudice fuelled by the erroneous belief that all Muslims are, by their faith, terrorists or terrorist sympathisers.

Such prejudices and stereotypes must be dispelled. In Australia feminists have fought many battles: Yet despite the victories, the battles for equality are not over. The International Violence Against Women Survey shows that 34 per cent of Australian women who have a current or former intimate partner reported experiencing at least one form of violence during their lifetime.

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If women cannot expect to be safe in their own homes and communities, how can they expect equality in society? White Ribbon Day is an opportunity for men — including White Ribbon Day Ambassadors like myself — to condemn all violence against women.

Gender inequality is still a serious issue in the workplace even though the Sex Discrimination Act has been in force in Australia for 21 years. The average weekly earnings for full-time women workers are only Women are still grossly underrepresented in political life, in executive management, and on the benches of Australian courts.

Instead of being a cause for celebration, for women, pregnancy often comes with financial penalties. Despite the best efforts of Pru Goward, as Sex Discrimination Commissioner, the battle for paid maternity leave is still to be won.

Once we have acknowledged the problems, we start talking about how to fix them. Discriminatory attitudes are often deeply embedded and hard to shake. Overcoming prejudice requires education, community engagement and dialogue, leadership and, laws and policies which reflect — and promote — the principle of non-discrimination.

Aussie stereotypes essay

Education When we talk about strategies to address discrimination, we must talk about education. It must be the essential central plank to every strategy. The assumption that Australians are inherently fair is as dangerous as the assumption that children are inherently good.

The way we treat others reflects the way we have been taught to treat others. Misinformation and ignorance are the staple ingredients of stereotypes and prejudices. This marginalisation can lead to radicalisation Currently, fears and stereotypes about Arab and Muslim Australians are having a corrosive impact on community relations in Australia.

The report revealed a disturbing level of discrimination, vilification and violence against these groups. Participants recounted experiences ranging from offensive remarks about race or religion, to physical violence, including Muslim women having their hijabs pulled off.

Aussie stereotypes essay

What the Isma report also found was that in many cases those interviewed did not report instances of vilification or violence to police or other government authorities.

The report recommended that in order to reduce the risk of further marginalisation of Arab and Muslim communities strategies should be developed: Muslim communities and police tackling racial and religious discrimination and abuse Project and the Living Spirit: Muslim women and human rights Project.

The Unlocking Doors Project aimed to facilitate dialogue between Muslim communities and Police in order to build on the capacity of Police to respond to incidents of racial or religious abuse and the Living Spirit Project aimed at increasing an understanding among Muslim women about human rights principles and the domestic framework for promoting equality in Australia.The Mighty Boosh is a rather unusual British comedy series about two friends, Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and Vince Noir (Noel Fielding), who have bizarre .

Stereotypes have created a distortion of how every individual should be. We as part of the generation Y should know how these stereotypes could affect us as individuals.

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