Andreas kloeckner thesis

From oil and gas exploration to predicting extreme weather events, science today relies on HPC. But keeping ahead of the exploding demand for computational power is requiring renewed innovation, especially with the power and programming issues found in future processors. Developing an exascale — not just exaflops — solution that is meaningful to the petroleum industry is leading to significant changes in system architecture and a more holistic approach to supercomputing.

Andreas kloeckner thesis

C.W. Gear Outstanding Junior Faculty Award Award | Illinois Computer Science

However, HAPS aircraft are complex systems and require large crews of highly trained personnel as well as extensive operational safety measures.

In order for these platforms to become commercially viable, it is imperative that mission-level tasks are automated in a mission management system, while maintaining flight safety. In this thesis, behavior trees BTs as developed for computer game artificial intelligence are investigated for the purpose of such mission management.

Three new extensions of the framework are thus provided in this thesis in order to close these gaps: The new extensions are conceptually developed and practically implemented in object-oriented Modelica libraries.

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Leveraging the modularity of BTs, the end user is relieved from the most intricate tasks of designing low-level implementations or high-level safety strategies.

In addition, the goal-oriented design methodology supports the user in successfully assembling mission plans. The properties of this new approach are evaluated both theoretically and in practical mission simulations with a complex multi-disciplinary HAPS model.

Typical mission simulations are accelerated by a factor of compared to sampled implementations, thus enabling the user to test mission plans in extensive simulations before deployment. An upper bound of three event iterations is derived for the computational complexity of arbitrary status updates in the tree, indicating that the algorithm is real-time capable.

Andreas Klöckner

This upper bound is confirmed in simulations. The provided extensions close several severe gaps between the simplistic idea of BTs and a mission management methodology readily deployable in relevant HAPS applications.

BTs in their extended form will be a powerful tool for future HAPS mission management as well as for similar applications.Thesis advisors: Luke Olson, Andreas Klöckner M.S.

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Eduardo Corona Current Address New York University Department of Mathematics Thesis: "Mathematical theory of the formulation and implementation of the Finite (Graduate) High Performance Computing Grader (Andreas Kloeckner / Marsha Berger), Fall (Undergraduate) Calculus I TA (Hana Kogan and Jeremy Brandman), Fall and Fall Tom´ as M´endez Echenagucia.

Andreas kloeckner thesis

Computational Search in Architectural Design Tutors: Mario Sassone · Pierre-Alain Croset · Arianna Astolfi A thesis submitted for the degree of “Doctor of. A thesis submitted for the degree of “Doctor of Philosophy” Steve Baer, Andreas Kloeckner, Isabella Rombi, Ricardo Avella, Ariadna Weisshar, Daniel Al-vares, Gustavo M´endez, Juan Pablo M´endez, Argenis Lugo, Maria Eugenia Sosa, Domingo Acosta, Alfredo Cilento, Luis Rosales, Beatriz Hernandez.

Madman release candidate 1 has finally happened, while my thesis is keeping me busy It’s a pretty massive update, with lots of potential breakage. Please give it a round of testing.

Behavior Trees for Mission Management of High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites - CORE